• In our country, non-payment is often assumed. People employed in debt collection are exposed to huge stress levels, while company owners or managers are exposed to even greater stress because of losses or insolvency due to unpaid claims.

    It’s hard to tell which non-payers are more difficult to deal with:

      • a client whose payment you have to wait for too long;
      • a client that you have to keep asking or bothering to get back your own money;
      • a client with whom you already have good cooperation, but has fallen into serious financial problems;
      • a client who is so much in debt that they don’t even want to talk about payment.

    Training: Successful collection of claims
    Participant: Jelena Kinđić, Director

  • I am very satisfied with the training. It will be very useful in my future work because we resolved some doubts we had and we learned something new (e.g. electronic tax declaration). It’s great that we focused on the issues we were most interested in and on parts that we don’t do in practice. In this way we completed the whole process from salary calculation to payment.

    Training: Payroll
    Participant: Tatjana Kočović, Payroll Specialist

  • Training has fulfilled all my expectations, and even more. My compliments on the trainers’ expertise. The training will help me in my payroll work in future. What was particularly great was the individual approach, the one-on-one training, where training can be adapted to the knowledge of who is attending it.

    Training: Payroll outside employment
    Participant: Marija Popović, Payroll Expert

  • Compliments for the training in general. I would recommend it to all those who want to learn something, because this training can certainly provide valuable knowledge, primarily due to the expertise and experience of the trainers. It provides support to existing knowledge and experience and expands horizons and aspects of business. The training process was complete from beginning to end. Pointing out problems in practice, legislation and practical examples was especially great about the training.

    Training: Payroll
    Participant: Biljana Ignjatović, Payroll Specialist

  • Thank you for the training, at which I realized what had happened to me. I like it for being so interactive. You are a great trainer, congratulations. The training will help me understand everyday “small” stressful situations.

    Training: Techniques for stress relief
    Participant: Tanja Stupar, Associate for Direct Marketing for business customers

  • I am very pleased with the training! It will be a useful reminder that we need to take care of ourselves, and it suggests a number of techniques to maintain control when we are stressed and when high demands are placed before us by people and events and by ourselves. During the training I was able to hear many proven tips and strategies that help us to cope with stress more effectively, to always motivate ourselves, think positive, be better organized and relaxed. Thank you for everything, I really enjoyed it!

    Training: Techniques for stress relief
    Participant: Ivana Vasiljević, Managing Director
    City Facility

  • Working with professionals is always a great pleasure, and it also brings business results. Our work with HR Centar was entirely designed in this way. Together we have defined HR goals and received partner support to achieve them in direct synergy of knowledge and experience. HR Centar knows that people are really the strongest value of any system.

    Marko Kovačević
    Chief Executive Officer

  • We in Halifax were an inward-looking, quality-focused team until we started working with Tatjana. None of us are the kind of extrovert that likes selling: we had been afraid of tackling the subject and failed to find a salesperson who could understand our work. Tatjana held a series of training sessions for our team on the subject of sales. In a one-day workshop for all our staff, she showed us how we all have considerable skills that we were not using. We learned to work together to pool our skills and mount an effective sales programme. In follow-up sessions, Tanja trained some of our staff individually, covering in detail a range of techniques and methods of sale and promotion.

    Now, we are outgoing company that can effectively use our contacts to promote the quality product we have developed. We would never have believed it – she did a great job. Thank you Tanja.

    David Lythgoe
    Halifax Consulting

  • The mentoring programme that Tanja designed for me personally and that we carried out together included all aspects of an employee induction programme for people in managing positions. The programme touched the essential. The fact that it was structured so well and how it was conducted makes Tanja one of the best HR experts. After the training, I adopted a new, more modern and more efficient way of working and thinking about management and work with people, which gives high quality results.

    Mirjana Vasiljević
    Head of ATM&AIS Division

  • Perfect – comprehensively illustrated payroll method.

    Training: Payroll
    Duška Stupar, Comp&Ben Manager

  • The training was able to fulfill my expectations because it explained in a clear and precise way the payroll method from beginning to end.

    Training: Payroll
    Participant: Jasmina Kosić, Senior HR Administrator

  • Very detailed, with lots of practical examples. The lecturer was able to successfully convey knowledge and experience.

    Training: Payroll outside employment
    Participant: Marijana Ćulumović, Comp & Ben Specialist

  • Congratulations! Useful, clear, applicable! This training will be of great use for me to balance work with my private life, for better organization of work, for gaining respect from colleagues, because of the organizational skills and new knowledge that I will tell everyone about. I’m recommending it to everyone!

    Training: Energy time management
    Participant: Marija Radaković, Training Manager
    AVON Cosmetics

  • Excellent presenter. Energetic, able to clearly share her knowledge. Training will help me understand how much and in what way I live my values at work.

    Training: Energy time management
    Participant: Ivana Penčić Vlajić, Training and development manager
    Delta holding

  • Basic (mandatory) readings for time and energy management!

    Training: Energy time management
    Participant: Verica Lišanin, Trade Marketing Manager
    Knjaz Miloš


  • I enjoyed it, I learned something new and I was encouraged to work on myself!

    Training: Energy time management
    Participant: Aleksandra Đokić, BTL manager
    Moment Agency

  • The claims collection training has helped me to collect claims for myself and for my company easily. I learned that I shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for my own money, to recognize what types of personality my clients are and to pre-define my rights and obligations in a way that is both good for me and for others. I am grateful to Tanja for her excellent lecture and for the course materials with which she presented her knowledge and experience in an integrated and simple way.

    Training: Collection of claims
    Participant: Snezana Đurđić, Director
    GISTEC Consulting

  • Since I have attended several training courses in HR Centar, I’d like to write a few words about the NLP Practitioner Training I’m about to finish. “The road to success is paved with good intentions”, this is a rephrased sentence which has a great importance for me, because NLP was recommended by a dear friend of mine. I admit that this is the best intention in life that she could dedicate to me. You wonder why? As a young person who chooses to become an entrepreneur, without knowing anything about it, it is extremely important HOW you do it. Through NLP I have learned many techniques, first of all what I honestly want to do, how to set a goal and, most importantly, how to achieve it. And even if you always find a solution to challenges, with NLP you are able to find even more solutions and have a choice. In that way you have a greater opportunity to choose the best for yourself. I can finally understand myself completely and therefore the whole world around me. I see a possibility in every situation and I choose the best for myself. Not to mention how my relationship improved with people around me, my family, friends and business partners. Thank you, Tatjana, for your unconditional support and Dragana and Dragan who selflessly convey their knowledge. Life is beautiful!

    Training: NLP
    Participant: Milica Tesanović, Director
    White Agency