Tatjana Šokčić

M: +381 60 412 13 04
skype: tanjahrcentar
linkedin: Tatjana Šokčić

For the last couple of years Tatjana has been designing and carrying out company development projects for businesses and employees, for companies such as M:tel, Orion Telekom, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Trizma and others. She has worked as Sales Director and Customer Services Director in telecommunications and the FMCG industry (AVON Cosmetics, Digi TV, La Fantana, and Orion Telekom). In those positions she was also internal trainer for her teams. She has been acquiring experience as a trainer and consultant since 2011 and as a partner in the agency One2grow. She has managed her own consulting company HR Centar since December 2013.Tatjana’s main occupation is designing programmes to develop leader and management skills through competency and leadership potential assessments and personal development programmes. The programmes contain assessments of potential, training for skills improvement and individual work with candidates based on principles of coaching and mentoring. Her specialities are programmes for developing sales teams and user support which contain competency and assessments of potential for certain positions, training for sales development and communication skills, presentation and negotiation skills, phone communications and sales, debt collection, claim and complaints resolution and customer care.

The debt collection model she has developed has been successfully applied in a number of companies, as was a variable profit model in sales and customer service.Tatjana also provides training on improving performance measurement and reward systems, and offers consultancy services on this subject too.She has extensive experience in organizing sales teams and customer service in the start-up phase. She has participated in establishing two companies on our market, and in a merger of three companies into one with complete business reorganisation.

The open and in-house training courses she has delivered were attended by representatives of a variety of industries: NBS, Komercijalna Banka, Banca Intesa, Piraeus Banka, ProCredit Banka, MKD Zdravo, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Nectar, AVON, Hemel, M:tel, Orion Telekom, Trizma, Blicnet and others.

As an NLP trainer, certified by the leading European and American associations IANLP and INHNLP, she uses the techniques of the NLP communication model in my training.She is a consultant and trainer certified according to the methodology SDI – Personal strength UK, and a certified consultant for Hogan Personality Inventory.Tatjana has completed the modular training ‘The Art & Science of Coaching’ at Erickson College (Vancouver, Canada).She is a graduate transport engineer and has completed a master programme in the field of Human Resources Management at FON on the subject ‘Customer Service Employees, Training and Development’.Tatjana feels that her greatest achievement is the cooperation between experts and professionals that she has established in her team at HR Centar.