We in Halifax were an inward-looking, quality-focused team until we started working with Tatjana. None of us are the kind of extrovert that likes selling: we had been afraid of tackling the subject and failed to find a salesperson who could understand our work. Tatjana held a series of training sessions for our team on the subject of sales. In a one-day workshop for all our staff, she showed us how we all have considerable skills that we were not using. We learned to work together to pool our skills and mount an effective sales programme. In follow-up sessions, Tanja trained some of our staff individually, covering in detail a range of techniques and methods of sale and promotion.

Now, we are outgoing company that can effectively use our contacts to promote the quality product we have developed. We would never have believed it – she did a great job. Thank you Tanja.

David Lythgoe
Halifax Consulting

Working with professionals is always a great pleasure, and it also brings business results. Our work with HR Centar was entirely designed in this way. Together we have defined HR goals and received partner support to achieve them in direct synergy of knowledge and experience. HR Centar knows that people are really the strongest value of any system.

Marko Kovačević
Chief Executive Officer

Perfect – comprehensively illustrated payroll method.

Duška Stupar
Comp&Ben Manager

In our country, non-payment is often assumed. People employed in debt collection are exposed to huge stress levels, while company owners or managers are exposed to even greater stress because of losses or insolvency due to unpaid claims.

It’s hard to tell which non-payers are more difficult to deal with:

    • a client whose payment you have to wait for too long;
    • a client that you have to keep asking or bothering to get back your own money;
    • a client with whom you already have good cooperation, but has fallen into serious financial problems;
    • a client who is so much in debt that they don’t even want to talk about payment.

Jelena Kinđić

When I saw the mail, I thought: “Oh, no, not more training! What do I need time management for?” But after one hour, I changed my mind. I never thought it could be interesting and fun, but it was. Until you start thinking about your own time, you never realize you can organize yourself and use your time better. Two days of training passed in no time. Tanja, many thanks for this. Very nice and well-organized training. Well done!

Ana Mandić
Manager ICT customer services
Fiat automobili Srbija